Our Story

About Sharmans

Sharmans Wines is situated on the oldest existing vineyard in Relbia, Tasmania, and produces a range of luxurious award-winning Tasmanian wines.  It is located in the picturesque North Esk River Valley, only minutes from Launceston CBD and airport, and is also part of the Tamar Valley Wine Route, one of the most outstanding tourist destinations, particularly for wine connoisseurs, in Australia.

Sharmans renowned Tasmanian wines benefit, not only from the maturity of the vines, but also from a variety of other factors that result in exceptional conditions for the growth and ripening of the fruit.  The vineyard is planted on north-facing slopes, and the soils are clay-based and sufficiently austere to produce slow-ripening of the grapes, enabling a full development of flavour and complexity in our wines.

Tastings of Sharmans Wines are available at our Cellar Door 10-4 daily, and wines can be easily purchased by the bottle or by the glass.  Platters consisting of varieties of fine Tasmanian produce are also available for purchase, as is a limited range of Tasmanian Whiskies and Gin.

The passion for our wine runs deep throughout Sharmans and every process we employ – from hand-pruning, hand-harvesting, and drip irrigation – pays homage to the year-long journey, efforts of nature and love, present in the fullness of flavour of every individual grape and the depth and complexities of the resulting wine.

We also love sharing that passion with others.  

At Sharmans Wines, what’s in the soil is in the vine, what’s in the vine is in the grape, what’s in the grape is in the wine… and what’s in the wine is in your heart.

Our History

The Sharmans Vineyard was established by Mike and Philippa Sharman in the 1980s and developed a strong reputation for award-winning Pinot Noir, sparkling wine, Riesling, Chardonnay, Sauvignon Blanc, Merlot, and Cabernet Merlot, and since then has expanded to include Shiraz, and Pinot Gris.  Most recently Sharmans has won acclaim for its award-winning cool-climate Shiraz, Pinot Noir, Sparkling and Riesling. In 2012, the Vineyard was purchased by local ophthalmologist Ian Murrell, and his wife Melissa, a Launceston-based interior designer… both of whom held, and holds, a deep appreciation for Sharmans premium wines.

Since 2012, works have ensued to develop the grounds and buildings so that the Vineyard, renowned for its Tasmanian wines, may also become renowned for its Cellar Door experiences as well.  Developments to the property have included the complete renovation of the original Sharman’s residence into a Cellar Door, al fresco area, and Function Centre.  The picturesque grounds were landscaped by award-winning landscaper Chris Calverly, and have been graciously enhanced to complement the stunning sweeping views of the river and valley over the vines, from the renovated property.