In recent years grape varieties like Sauvignon Blanc and Riesling have increased in production throughout Tasmania. And the popularity of

these varieties along with it! The cool climate of our beautiful State means that we can produce naturally elegant, intensely flavoured

and aromatic wines. For our varieties, the grapes have all been lovingly grown and nurtured in the Tamar Valley, one of

Tasmania's most loved wine regions.

From the ever popular Sauvignon Blanc, to every balance of Riesling (dry or sweet!) to the toasty notes of Chardonnay, you'll find it all here at Sharmans.

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Sharmans Wines, 148 Invermay Road, Invermay TAS 7248

Special Liquor Permit Number: 91046

Under the Liquor Licensing Act 1990 it is an offence: for liquor to be delivered to a person under the age of 18 years.

Penalty: Fine not exceeding 20 penalty units

For a person under the age of 18 years to purchase liquor.

Penalty: Fine not exceeding 10 penalty units.