Our Wines

Sharmans Wines is the oldest existing vineyard in Relbia, Tasmania, and has a strong reputation for producing a range of award-winning Tasmanian wines, including award-winning Pinot Noir, Sparkling, Riesling, and Chardonnay (oaked and unoaked); our most outstanding wines being Pinot Noirs, predominantly from vines that are 25 to 30 years old.  Our Vineyard, which has mature Cabernet and Merlot vines, is sufficiently warm to ripen Cabernet virtually every season.  We have also recently released Merlot and a cool-climate Shiraz from other premium Tasmanian vineyards.  The cool-climate Shiraz, the product of lengthy stretches of warm sun in a cool-climate zone, is already the recipient of recognition, and numerous accolades and awards.

At Sharmans, our wines benefit, not only from the maturity of the vines, but also from a variety of other factors that result in exceptional conditions for the growth and ripening of the fruit.  The Vineyard is planted on north-facing slopes, and the soils are clay-based and sufficiently austere to produce slow-ripening of the grapes, enabling a full development of flavour and complexity in our wines; wines expertly produced on our behalf by our neighbour, Josef Chromy Wines. 

Our viticultural practices include hand-pruning, hand-harvesting and drip irrigation from the North Esk River as required and, although we use some measures to control potential vineyard pathogens, we manage the Vineyard with utmost sensitivity to the vines and the environment whilst enabling our wines to be of the highest quality.  We ensure every process – every handling of the grape – pays homage to the year-long journey, efforts of nature and love, which reveal themselves through the character and complexity of every resulting wine.

Tastings of Sharmans Wines are available at our Cellar Door, and wines can be easily purchased by the bottle or by the glass.  Platters consisting of varieties of fine Tasmanian produce are also available for purchase, as is a limited range of Tasmanian Whiskies and Gin.

We invite you to visit our Cellar Door and experience Sharmans Wines for yourselves.  For your convenience, our wines are also available to easily purchase online, or are available through registration with the Sharman Wine Club.  Shipping, Australia-wide, is provided at no cost to you by Sharmans, with compliments.